dun-rite pest control logoDunrite Termite & Pest Control has earned a well-deserved reputation over the last fifty years as a leader in Pest Control practices in Brisbane. We are your local, discreet pest control experts dedicated in the treatment & control of all pests and insects. We provide a professional, prompt service to both the residential and commercial sector. Nothing is safe from our profession team of exterminators; termites to white ants can be easily and safely eliminated from your home and business.

Our local Pest Control experts are well equipped and respond rapidly when you need pest control of any kind. We’ve helped thousands of our customers throughout the years with our policy of “Do It Right the First Time.” Each situation is approached by our licensed, experienced professionals with skill and care for your situation. Each job can be slightly different but the goal always is the same. To provide a high quality service in a fast, courteous and efficient manner and to return homes and businesses back to a normal state without delay. Throughout the years, this approach has continually earned and built upon our stellar reputation in excellent customer service.

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