White Ant Control Brisbane

white ant control brisbaneFolks commonly call termites “white ants”, because, to the untrained eye, they look like ants and the subterranean variety are usually white.

If you have seen anything in your home or business that you might describe as a “white ant” take action immediately by doing white ant control before their damage gets to costly levels to repair.

White Ant Control Services Brisbane

  •  Initial Inspection: Locating and confirming white ants/termites are present
  • White Ant Control: Eradicating and Preventing re-infestations
  • Preventative Services: Regular Inspection and Preventative Measures

Your local Pest Control Brisbane professionals have rapid response times when customers need white ant control. Getting help to eradicate termites is only a click or a phone call away. Our certified Pest Control experts at Pest Control Brisbane can be at your home or business in the Brisbane greater metropolitan area within 90 minutes in most situations. Call now, scheduling agents for white ant control and other pest control services are standing by for your call.

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best white ant controlTermite nests left unchecked can cause serious, even devastating damage to the structural integrity of your home. Experts estimate termite damages run into the billions each year, more than most other housing damages combined.

Each and every home, even if made from materials other than wood, is vulnerable to termite infestation, if there is sufficient warmth, moisture and food available.

Frequently homeowners’ insurance does not cover damages from termites and selling a home is near impossible if an infestation is present. Thus, white ant control is highly needed.

White Ant Pest Control Services

All of our Pest Control service contracts such as white ant control start with an initial inspection. This process defines the number and species of the infestation as well as allows us to inventory termite attractants.

Our Pest Control professionals at Pest control Brisbane, possess up-to-date technology such as Infra-Red thermometers, moisture meters and microwave tracking equipment called Termatrac to pinpoint locations of nests and help us make informed estimates as to the size of each colony.

white ant control chemicalsAfter inspection our certified Pest Control consultant will meet with you about the findings and assist you to make informed decisions about eradication and/or prevention of termite infestations.

Some methods of white ant control and containment make use of the Termidor dust and a chemical preventative. Our preventative white ant treatment chemicals are done with Termidor (liquid termiticide) which has given us a 100% success rate.

After an infestation has been eradicated, Pest Control Brisbane will monitor your property on a regular basis to prevent re-infestation.

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Pest Control Brisbane

Do you believe you have a termite or white ants signs of infestation? Find out for sure. Pest Control Brisbane has courteous, bonded, insured, and certified pest control specialists are only a phone call or a click away to provide the services that you need including white ant control. From termites to rodents, no job is too large or too tiny. Pest Control Brisbane has a rapid response team, we can generally arrive at your home or business within 90 minutes after dispatch for all locations within the Brisbane greater metropolitan area. Over 20 years servicing the Brisbane area’s pest eradication needs. white ant control professionalsIf you have done a recent eradication, perhaps with another pest control provider, but need a preventative plan, call today. It is imperative that you take preventative action and be proactive to avoid future infestations and ensure white ant protection for your property.

Call our experts today to schedule your effective pest prevention inspection, followed by a full report that includes a plan individualized for your home or business. You will get best practices recommendations designed to meet your specific pest control needs. We continue to be a leader in pest control services in Brisbane and no challenge is too big or too small from bed bug control to eliminating and eradicating rodent issues.

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