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At Pest Control Brisbane, we provide a Pest Inspection service for both commercial and residential properties. Our professional building & pest inspection consists of visually inspecting an entire property including the interior and exterior. Our Brisbane pest inspectors look at outside siding, shingles, foundations, and then proceed to enter the home to look at baseboards, molding and any crawl spaces beneath your home or in your attic.

pest inspection brisbaneAs they progress they will note any signs of termites, ants, mosquitos, rodents, and other outside animals.  In addition to checking for creatures that don’t belong in your home, our highly trained personnel will look for water damage, dry rot, fungus, mold, and report any bio-organism or situation that could be potentially harmful to  your home. Our pest control services in Brisbane can help can help any home or business to become pest free and stay pest free.

A thorough pest inspection will typically take 45 to 90 minutes dependent on the dimensions and number of problem areas on your property. At the conclusion of the inspection, you will be issued a comprehensive, detailed pest inspection report of our findings along with an accurate, affordable quote for repairs from Pest Control Brisbane.

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Our Building Pest Inspection look for:

Rodents, Field Mice, and other Wildlife

rats and pest inspection expertsThe signs of small animals inhabiting or infesting our homes can be quite subtle. Our certified pest control professionals are trained to differentiate droppings, tracks, toothmarks, and habitats of a wide variety of the local potential problem pest animals.

Birds & Snakes

These nest-builders can cause damage and potential harm when they build in false ceilings, chimneys, attic spaces, basements or crawl spaces. If you suspect you have nests or you just want your home inspected for your own peace of mind call us today before noon for a same day appointment.


pest inspection professionals brisbaneCockroaches are mostly nocturnal and run from light, making them sometimes difficult to spot until heavy infestation has occurred. Our pest control professionals have a sharp eye for cockroach feces, and other tell-tell signs of cockroaches in your home.

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ants-pest-control-brisbaneThe most common household pest, ant nests can grow large enough to crack and splinter floor or wall boards. Our certified pest inspection professionals will locate any nests and trails in and around your home.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs and other pest inspectionBed bugs are nocturnal and quiet, so folks may not know they have bed bugs until they are wakened at night being bitten. Look for rust colored spots along the edges of your mattress and box springs. These persistent pests are difficult to eradicate completely without professional help.


termites-pest-control-brisbaneTermites can cause costly, even devastating damage to your home before you realize they are in residence. Our highly trained pest inspection experts will find any areas of suspected water damage,  buckling wood, fine sawdust and other hints that termites are a problematic.

Other Insects

Our Pest Inspection Professionals are trained to recognize a plethora of common insects that can become household pests. Our inspections will cover every nook and cranny of our home from curb to roof for possible infestations.

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If you would like to arrange for annual pest inspection or make an immediate appointment for a suspected infestation, make the call now to Pest Control Brisbane to schedule a professional inspection and obtain an affordable pest inspection quote. Our local pest controllers are readily available to deal with both residential and commercial pest control in Brisbane. Let us handle your pest control problem quickly and for good.

We can eradicate any pests, quickly, painlessly and effectively.

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